Chimney caps are appliances that cover the top of a chimney, and they are designed to perform multiple functions. While there are definite benefits of a chimney cap, there are some problems that can arise with them. Preventing chimney leaks is the main benefit, and keeping water from getting into the chimney can alleviate water damage to the interior of your home.

A chimney cap is a simple contraption, comprised of a small piece of metal or mesh that helps allow the right things to get out of the chimney, and keeps the wrong things from getting in. Making sure that the chimney cap is maintained by trusted chimney cap repair in Roanoke can ensure that it’s working properly, and can help you discern the right decision for your home.

 What is the Function of a Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps serve two main purposes. As a cap, they keep things from getting in that belong outside, and they protect the inside from the elements like water and snow. The other vital purpose of a chimney cap is to allow the smoke and heat escape. This also includes the byproducts of using your fireplace, like creosote and carbon monoxide.

Chimneys come in different shapes and sizes, so making sure you have the correct size of chimney cap is important. One you’ve determined the right size, it’s also crucial that the right chimney cap is used for the type of chimney being covered. There is a difference between factory-built chimneys and masonry chimneys, and they may require a particular chimney cap for optimal performance.

What Are the Benefits of a Chimney Cap?

The best benefit of a chimney cap is keeping things out that you don’t want in your home. The outdoor weather is unpredictable, and can definitely cause problems with your chimney. Rain, snow and ice can all enter the chimney, and that moisture can deteriorate the inside of your chimney. It can also lead to water damage in your attic or other parts of your home. If that moisture freezes and thaws intermittently, it can lead to cracks in the structure.

Along with blocking the moisture from harsh weather, it can also keep nature’s other critters from entering your home. When temperatures drop, small animals want to go where it is warm. In an effort to feel some of that warmth from your home, it’s common for birds to build nests inside or around the chimney. Other animals like squirrels can also make their way into your chimney, and the chimney cap prevents these animals from taking up residence, particularly when the weather gets cold.

Chimney caps are an optional topper to put on your chimney, but their benefits outweigh the drawbacks of not having one. From protecting your home from moisture, and keep animals out. For more information on chimney caps, and how to get them properly fitted onto your chimney, reach out to the experts at Patriot Chimney today

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