Be Certain Your Chimney Won’t Leak

Our chimney consultants will inspect your chimney and develop a custom maintenance plan that is guaranteed to keep your chimney dry. 

“No Leak” Guarantee

Customized Plan

Enjoy Worry-Free Fires

Is Your Chimney Ready for the Rain?

Probably not if: 

– It’s been more than 1 year since inspected

– Discoloration or moss on the outside

– Damp, musty smell

Our Certified Chimney Consultants Use Proven Strategies to Keep Your Chimney Dry

Expert Technicians

We invest heavily in “sharpening the saw,” which means we spend a lot of time and money training technicians to provide you with expert services. 

Customized Plans

Your chimney consultant will complete a detailed inspection of your chimney — top to bottom — and create a custom plan that is guaranteed to fix any leaks. 


All of our repairs come with a 1 year workmanship warranty. And the material we use typically have at least a 15 year warranty (some with lifetime warranties)

We Get It. Chimneys are Confusing and We’re Here to Help

We’ve worked with thousands of your neighbors to get their chimneys safe and functional. A big part is to also help you understand the condition of your chimney and how we can help without using confusing chimney jargon. 

“The repairs made on my chimney are well done and look fantastic. We were lucky to have Jeff and Justin do the repairs and installation for the cap.”

– Tyler

“We love using our chimney, but had to stop because smoke was drifting to the downstairs fireplace. Patriot fixed this and added a rain cap on our chimney. Really great to work with.

– Veronica

“I highly recommend Patriot Chimney Services. They repaired our chimney cap, which was cracking and causing a leak. Extremely professional, great service, and great value.”

– Dave

How It Works

1. Call Us

Give us a call and let’s schedule your inspection with one of our chimney consultants.

2. Inspection

During your inspection, we will evaluate your chimney top to bottom to see what’s causing the leak

3. Repairs

Once we agree on the project terms, we will send a team led by a repair specialist to repair your chimney

4. No More Worry

When everything is repaired, you won’t have to worry about chimney leaks when you see rain in the forecast


100% Satisfaction


No Mess Guarantee

CSIA Certified

Proud NCSG Members

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