Get an Inspection, Sweep, and a Letter From Santa

Watch this video to see our endorsement from Santa!

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Get your chimney inspected, cleaned (or both!). Then, get a letter straight from the North Pole (great for your kids or grandkids)!

Chimney Sweep + FREE Inspection when bundled together

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

CSIA Certified Chimney Experts

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Letter from Santa, sent from the North Pole

How it Works


Fill out the Form 

Once you fill out the form above (or at the end of the page, we’ll call you to set up a time for your appointment


Tell Us Who to Send the Letter To

After you fill out the form, you’ll be sent to a page to tell us who to send the letters to. 



It’s that easy! In no time, you’ll have your appointment. And you’ll get your letter from Santa!

How it Works

Having it inspected and cleaned by a CSIA certified professional will give you peace of mind as you light your first fire of the year.

During your appointment, your certified chimney technician will do the following:

  • Establish our dust control protocols to make sure no mess is left behind
  • Inspect your chimney inside and out. This includes using a camera to make sure your flue is in great working order.
  • Fill out a condition report to discuss with you the condition of your chimney. Don’t worry, we speak in normal language and leave the jargon in the van. You’ll know exactly what we talk about.
  • Take pictures to share with you to document issues that may arise.
  • We’ll either sweep your chimney top-down or bottom-up. Either way, your chimney will clean as a whistle!
creosote sweep

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to schedule both the inspection & a sweep to get a letter from Santa?

No, not at all. If you want an inspection, book an inspection. If you want a sweep, just book a sweep. 

When will you send the Santa Letters? 

We will send the letter mid-December so you’ll get it before Christmas!

Is there a limit to how many letters? 

Yes, we can only accommodate 5 letters. So if you have 5 kids or grandkids, then we can easily send 5 individual letters. If you have way more people who deserve a letter, consider bunching people together on a single letter. 

Can you customize the letter for me? 

Yeah! Take a look at the next form and you’ll see a chance to add customization.

Why are you doing this? 

Santa endorsed us. We’re happy to help send the letters and spread the joy of Christmas!  

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