Thank You Inspections for First Responders, Healthcare Workers, and Teachers

First Responders, Healthcare Workers, and Teachers, We Thank You.

As a small token of our appreciation, we’re giving away free Thank You Inspections for our frontline heroes and our wonderful teachers. Schedule an inspection and we’ll handle it from there.*

*Valid 5/1/2020 through 5/31/2020. Valid ID required. Limit one chimney Thank You Inspection per person and per household and limit one dryer vent Thank You Inspection per person and per household. Only valid with level 1 inspections. 

What’s Included

You can get both a chimney and a dryer vent inspection!

Chimney Inspection

Gas & Wood Chimney Inspection

Inspections are done by CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps and includes a camera inspection.


100% Satisfaction


No Mess Guarantee

CSIA Certified

Proud NCSG Members

How to Get Scheduled

1. Fill Out the Form Below

2. Schedule Your Inspection

3. Show Proof Of Employment & Enjoy

To make things better, if the technician happens to find anything during your inspection, you’ll also be able to enjoy 10% off all the other services. And this is for all times. Not just during May!

Share it Forward

Show your thanks by sharing this offer with your friends and family on the frontlines. Tell them to either fill the form out too, or just give us a call – 540-225-2626. 

Schedule Your Service

It’s easy! Just fill out the form and someone from our office will give you a call to coordinate a time with you.

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Thank You Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

How will Patriot Chimney handle the COVID-19 restrictions?

Happy you asked! We are taking this very seriously and have implemented new policies for all of our field workers.

We clean and sanitize our drop cloths and clean our equipment between jobs and at the start of each day. We have a wash station on every truck to ensure cleanliness. We wear booties, masks and gloves while performing work. We make sure everyone on staff is feeling well and healthy every morning and ask those that are showing any symptoms or have any illnesses to remain home.

What’s included in the thank you inspection?

During our regular hours, first responders, healthcare workers, and teachers can enjoy a chimney inspection and a dryer vent inspection.

What if I don’t have a chimney?

That’s alright! Your dryer vent needs to inspected annually just as well.

Why should I get an inspection on my chimney in May? It’s hot outside…

Good point. Actually, we like to recommend that you get a chimney inspection at this time for a couple reasons. First, it’s a great way to get an idea of how your chimney worked during the colder months when you did use it. Second, we can check it out to see if it’ll make it through the summer and spring without leaking from the heavy rains.

Who qualifies to receive a Patriot Chimney Thank You Inspection?

First responders, healthcare workers, and teachers. Doctors, nurses, hospital receptionists, kindergarten teacher, economics professor…it’s all the same here!

How long will Patriot Chimney be providing Thank You Inspections?

All of May!

Why should Patriot Chimney’s technicians be trusted?

Aside from being licensed contractors, insured for more than $1 million in general liability, and NCSG members, all of our technicians are CSIA certified in both chimneys and dryer vents.

Why is Patriot Chimney doing this?

Simply to say thank you. As a company founded by Marine Corps infantry veterans, we know exactly what it’s like to be on the front lines. So we wanted to offer a thank you in the best way that we know how by helping keep you and your family safe at home, while you’re working to keep our community safe from COVID-19.

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