Chimneys are an important home feature—find out when to have them checked and why.

Before you own or rent a home, you can never truly understand just how much goes into routine home maintenance. All of the little things you take for granted as a kid rush up to meet you—and that means scheduling those routine checks to make sure everything in your house stays operational. Chimney inspections are one of the commonly overlooked inspections, but they are just as important as any other. In this post, we are breaking down what you need to know about getting your chimney checked.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Chimney Checks

Your chimney might not get daily use, but it is an important and functional part of the home. Inspections are crucial for making sure that your chimney is ready for safe and effective use. Without them, you can run into some serious problems when lighting a fire. We are going to take a deeper look at chimney inspections and the many reasons that make them so important.

What is a Chimney Check?

A chimney check or chimney inspection is a regular inspection where a trained professional checks out your chimney. During these checks, experts will confirm that everything is in good functioning order and look at how everything is holding up. They will look out for potential concerns and let you know if something needs to be done to keep your chimney working great.

Why Do We Need Chimney Checks?

Chimney checks are not a matter of convenience—they are a matter of safety. Chimneys can break down with use and even after exposure to inclement weather. A chimney inspection allows you to confirm that your chimney is free of animals or debris and that it is still operational. Basically, they confirm it is safe to use.

How Often Should Chimneys Be Checked?

Most experts recommend having your chimney checked on an annual basis, but don’t hesitate to call in professionals if you have any concerns. Strange smells or poor ventilation are both indicators that you should have your chimney inspected. It is often best to have them checked before the cold season to confirm everything is in proper functioning order.

The Takeaway

It is never too early to invest in a chimney inspection, especially if you can’t remember the last time you had one. For a company that is dedicated to chimney inspection, Roanoke, VA homeowners can contact us today to set up an annual appointment. We are happy to inspect your home and make sure that your chimney is ready for use!

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