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Buchanon is a small town located in the Mountains of Southwestern Virginia. An annual chimney and dryer inspection is critical in keeping your home safe from chimney hazards. Patriot Chimney offers chimney and dryer vent services in Buchanon. We are proud to offer a comprehensive cleaning and repair service to Buchanon and the surrounding areas. Too often homeowners face devastating fires or dangerous situations because of their chimney, dryer vent, or fireplace hasn’t been cleaned or properly inspected. Our preventative approach ensures your home’s safety. Protect the longevity of your home with proper maintenance of your chimney and dryer vent.

Patriot Chimney’s Approach to Chimney & Dryer Vent Services in Buchanon, VA

Every chimney company will approach chimney and dryer vents from a different angle. Here’s the five core beliefs that our chimney and dryer services are based on:

#1. Education

For our technicians and for you. During our time working with you, our goal is to help you understand your chimney’s and dryer’s whole system, potential things that are wrong with them, how the problems can be fixed, and how to keep the problems from happening in the future. Moreover, we’ll never send a crew to your home without a CSIA certified expert.

#2. Dedicated Project Managers

From the time you schedule work with us all the way through completion, you’ll have a dedicated project manager helping you along the way. Our project managers are your point of connection and the person you can turn to directly if you have any questions.

#3. Optimize for Performance & Safety

Our work on your chimney & dryer is designed to keep you and your family safe, while also keeping your system working in peak performance. Whether your dryer is brand new or your chimney is a century’s old statement piece, you can trust us to keep it running like it was on day one.

#4. Report in Natural Language

We won’t confuse you with a bunch of chimney or dryer jargon. We provide straight-forward reports that your family can easily understand. Plus, when your project manager reviews the report with you, he or she will be able to explain everything and answer any questions you may have. Besides, education is our #1 value.

#5. Have the Best People

When Patriot Chimney starts a new job, our goal is to set a new high score for service. We know that this isn’t a game, but we want to be the best. At the end of the day, we provide a service, and services are provided by people. From our project managers, to our technicians, to our customer service team, we invest heavily in recruiting and retaining the most-talented people around.


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Our Full Cycle Process

Our process is built out of, and rooted in, our approach to chimney and dryer services. You may be interested in how things work after you schedule work with us. We’ve broken it down into five steps. 

So, here’s how we do things:

Step 1: Learn

Before we start to work on your chimney or dryer, even before the inspection, we talk with you. This way your project manager can understand all of problems that you might be having. 

Step 2: Discovery

Once we’ve heard from you and listened to your concerns, we begin our investigation. Depending on the problems that you face, this could be a level 1, a level 2, or a level 3 inspection. Either way, we run a camera through your flue or vent so that we can get a top-to-bottom, inside-out understanding of what’s happening with your chimney and/or dryer vent. 

Step 3: Discuss:

At every move and every discovery, we want you to understand what is happening with your chimney and dryer. No surprises. Your project manager will explain all discoveries and action items you’ll want to address. 

Step 4: Improve

Once we’ve discovered what’s causing potential problems with your chimney or dryer vent and your project manager discusses the action items with you, we schedule a time to work on your chimney to correct the problems you’ve been facing. Your project manager will help you and guide you through the work. We know that any home improvement projects, no matter how minor, can cause undue stress. So we want to limit that as much as possible. 

Step 5: Support

Once we’re done, our customer service team works to make sure you are happy with the work. We take our 100% customer satisfaction seriously and want you to be satisfied with our work for years to come. Any questions that  you have, you can feel free to call your project manager or our office and we’re always going to be happy to serve you as your go-to chimney & dryer experts. 

The Services We Offer

Fireplace & Chimney Services

At Patriot Chimney, we offer a wide range of services to keep your chimney and fireplace in tip top shape to keep you and your family safe and warm during the winter.
Chimney Leaks
Patriot Chimney can fortify your chimney to protect it from damages caused by leaks. This preventative approach can save you from having to replace large portions of your chimney.

Learn More

Chimney Inspections
At Patriot Chimney, we offer three levels of inspections, as regulated by the National Fire Protection Association. The higher the level, the more thorough the inspection. Learn More
Chimney Cleaning & Sweeping
Keeping your chimney clean is essential for the safety of your home. A heavy build-up of creosote can lead to chimney fires and can contribute to air pollution. Our regular cleanings can ensure the safety of your family. Learn More
Fireplace Cleaning
It is important to clean your fireplace regularly to protect against blockages, smoke leaks, inadequate ventilation, insufficient draw, down-draught and tar build-up. We will make sure that your fireplace will not generate any damage as you spark it up during the winter. Learn More
Fireplace Remodel
Sometimes you’re not happy with the aesthetics of your chimney. Our chimney experts will be sure to design the fireplace of your dreams. Learn More
Emergency Services
If your chimney has been damaged by a storm, wind, fire and or ice and you need a technician to your home as soon as possible, call us and we’ll be there in no time. Learn More

Repairs & Installation

Staying diligent with your sweeps is important, but typical wear and tear on your chimney does still happen. With Patriot Chimney, you can be sure that our certified experts will ensure your chimney is in exceptional shape.
Chimney Masonry
At Patriot Chimney, we know how to build a chimney to code and what a really good chimney can do for you in the long run. We understand the requirements of a chimney and how to make a durable system that will keep your family warm and stress-free. Learn More
Chimney Chase Covers
If your chase cover is weathered, it may be in your best interest to replace it, to protect your chimney and home. Patriot Chimney can replace your chase cover with a durable product. Learn More
Chimney Caps & Dampers
A versatile chimney cap can be the best long-term investment you can make for a chimney. A damper cap is a cap that has mounted dampers built in, usually made from stainless steel lids that close airtight against a rubber seal. Learn More
Flue Repair
Flue tiles are the clay liners that cover the interior of your chimney flue. They help keep your chimney drawing and operating properly while insulating it against fire. If your chimney flue gets too hot, it can crack the flue tiles. If this occurs, the tiles should be repaired as soon as possible. Learn More
Pipe & Liner Repair
A damaged chimney liner is a very dangerous situation if you are regularly using your fireplace. Cracks, leaks, gaps, and spalling in masonry chimneys can lead to chimney fires, deterioration, water damage, and potential erosion. Learn More
Chimney Relining
Relining your chimney is necessary when the old one deteriorating, which is hazardous to your chimney. The lining is what channels the heat and gases up through the chimney top and blocks the heat from causing the combustible material in the chimney to catch on fire. Learn More
Chimney Water Proofing
Masonry deterioration accelerates when the chimney is freezing and thawing because of the water contained in it. The water can also rust in the steel and cast iron parts of your chimney, destroying the metal parts as well. Learn More
Wood Stove
A wood stove is a great way to keep your family warm during the winter. If you are frequently using your wood stove, calling Patriot Chimney for an inspection can tell you if you are are getting maximum efficiency out of your stove. Not only this, but you will also know if your stove is a safety concern or not. Learn More

Home Services

In addition to cleaning and repairing your chimney, our experts at Patriot Chimney are well equipped to handle a lot of other needs around your home.
Furnace Cleaning
If your furnace is not working, you may be in for a long and cold winter. Thankfully Patriot Chimney has the experts to repair your furnace and keep your house warm again. We provide an array of furnace services to correct and malfunctions in your system. Our goal is to repair your furnace so it will last. Learn More
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dryer fires are much more common than you would think. When your vent is not cleaned your dryer runs a lot hotter and increase the chances that something catches fire. We clean your vents with professional grade vacuums and use a brush through the entire length of the vent to make sure the bulk is cleaned out, ensuring that the clean will last. Learn More
Gas Logs

At Patriot Chimney we know exactly how to keep your gas fireplace running when it gets cold. You may have chosen gas for its convenience, low maintenance, and ease of use. But as great as having a gas fireplace can be, it can still cause problems and require occasional service and repair.

. Learn More

Virtual Chimney Assessment

At Patriot Chimney, we take pride in delivering the best chimney service in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Blacksburg, and surrounding areas. We take this one step further by providing a FREE virtual chimney assessment that’s easy to do, saves you time, and saves you money. 

At Patriot Chimney, we take pride in delivering the best chimney service in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Blacksburg, and surrounding areas. We take this one step further by providing a FREE virtual chimney assessment that’s easy to do, saves you time, and saves you money. 

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We understand that chimney and dryer vent prices can be a headache all on it’s own. It can be complicated. That’s why Patriot Chimney’s pricing for our services is pretty straightforward. We charge a flat rate that varies depending on the material, measurements, and a few other factors. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs when you work with us.

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