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Workmanship Warranty Information


Patriot Chimney Services, LLC hereby declares that all labor associated with the prescribed work will be free from defects for a period of at least one (1) year following the date of completion unless otherwise specified below.


Any workmanship defects will be repaired at no charge to the homeowner. The first step to remedy the issue is to schedule an inspection so our representatives can investigate the problem. We’ll check on the materials used and determine if it is a workmanship defect or a materials defect.

If it has been determined to be a materials defect, we’ll work with you to fill out the appropriate information pertaining to the manufacturer’s warranty, assuming that is still valid at the time.

If it has been found to be a workmanship defect, Patriot Chimney Services, LLC will remedy installation defects within fifteen (15) business days of the warranty inspection barring that any special order materials needed to carry out repairs do not have to be ordered.

Any repairs that require special order materials will be completed upon receipt of special ordered materials.

Who is Covered?

This workmanship warranty is transferable. An original or copy of a sales receipt from Patriot Chimney Services, LLC is required for warranty service.

What is Covered?

Patriot Chimney Services, LLC warrants that its work will be free from defects in workmanship under normal use for the period selected.

How to Make a Warranty Claim?

Warranty claims must be made directly to Patriot Chimney by filling out the form below.

Once we receive your submission, one of our office staff members will call you usually within an hour during our normal business hours to set up a warranty inspection. Patriot Chimney will evaluate your claim during the warranty inspection to determine whether the defect is workmanship-based or materials-based. If Patriot Chimney determines that there is a warranted defect in the workmanship, Patriot Chimney will remedy the defect as set forth above in the Remedy section.

Warranty Disclaimer

This limited workmanship warranty does not cover or extend to the following:

  • Matters relating to the installation of Customer’s chimney system wherein Patriot Chimney Services, LLC and/or its representatives did not perform the original installation. Any alteration, addition or repairs made by others that affect the installed chimney system including but not limited to utility installations, additions to the structure, satellite television dishes, antennas or any other penetration to the chimney system caused by construction or installations performed after the completion and acceptance by Customer.
  • Any damage to the chimney system installed by Patriot Chimney caused or affected by natural causes, man-made causes or occurrences such as lightning, fire, insect infestation, earthquake, tornado, hail, sleet, hurricanes or winds with peak gust exceeding the manufacturer’s warranty and specifications.
  • Any damage to the chimney or venting system by intentional or negligent acts, accident, abuse, vandalism, civil disobedience or other such occurrences including Customer’s failure to use reasonable care in protecting installed chimney systems from damage.
  • Any damage that could’ve been reasonably predicted with regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Any consequential damage to other building components.
  • Any damage created by environmental conditions affecting the chimney such as chemicals, cleaning chemicals acids or any other harmful material that contacts the roofing system and causes damage including but not limited to pressure washing or other cleaning methods using air or water under pressure.
  • Damages caused by a failure of any part of Customer’s building components affecting the installed chimney.
  • This warranty is to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.
  • This warranty shall not become effective unless and until Patriot Chimney has been paid in full in accordance with the agreement pursuant to which the prescribed work is applied.
  • This warranty shall not become effective until all services as part of the prescribed work is completed.

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